D12 ft. cypress hill american psycho download

D12 ft. cypress hill american psycho

Name: D12 ft. cypress hill american psycho

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Swift] I'm a motherfucking omen, I bow down to no man Split a nigga open, killing folks compulsive A soldier with a motive, scrotum big as boulders I hold 'em then unload on you, put it on a poster So everyone can notice who was focused on us poking They nose in our business, hoping that I don't come smoke 'em No one knows my notions or emotions, I'm a vulture You niggas close to croaking any moment and I know when I could fuck the culture up, probably rap A maniac with anxiety attacks, I don't wanna chat Speak when you spoken to And I don't have to read a fucking magazine or quotable To notice what you hoes will do [Verse 2: Bizarre] They found Saddam, but they ain't gon' find me I'll be under a tree in Buttfuck, Tennessee And I don't know too much about my daddy Except he spit in my face and fucked me in my fanny I ain't a racist, I just hate whites Fags and dykes, blacks and transvestites Thirteen years old and joined a fucking gang Hair under my ass cheeks feeling the fucking pain Am I insane?